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Hi Everyone,

My name is Riley. I was born in the Philippines and raised a Texan! My penmanship has been my most complimented trait since I was a little girl, so it just made sense  when I fell in love with "Modern Calligraphy". I quickly made it my side hustle during the last couple of years of college.

Growing up with family that had the stereotypical "asian mindset" that the Medical Field is the only way to go in your career, it made it hard for me really find my calling, and find somewhere I was actually happy.

By taking a couple of risks, I graduated from the University of Houston's Hospitality College and started working in the Events Industry. 


My love and passion for the Creative Arts & my love for Weddings, Events and Hospitality, intertwined and coincidentally put me in the same industry, the Events Industry. I haven't looked back since. 

I am a newlywed and I married my high school sweetheart and we have a Pitbull named Athena. We are down to earth, half introvert + half extroverts. We love to stay home and cuddle up with a good movie, yet we also love picnics, camping + traveling. We are huge nerds, and an open book, just check my personal instagram, lol. (@rileyxgarza)


My ultimate goal is to bring joy to people by creating something that genuinely makes them happy. I want to physically make something that will help express your love, your personality, and something that will spark your joy! 

I love to collaborate, and brainstorm for new and unique ideas to really customize your project to fit your personality. 

Message me so we can chat!

I cannot wait to get to know you all!

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